Our story

Our story

The history of our distillery in Kamien dates back to 1882, when the first production was launched there. From the very beginning until today, alcohol has been and still is produced using traditional methods, while maintaining the greatest craftsmanship of distillery masters.

The technology in our company is supervised by the founder and distiller, who has over 40 years’ experience in the spirits production industry.

We started our family business in 1999 with the production of clear alcohol in our distillery.

In the following years we took over and launched further local distilleries located in the Lublin Province (Żyrzyn and Ratoszyn distilleries). We modernized our production facilities, while implementing the most traditional methods of mash preparation and distillation in combination with modern technology.

The goal of our distillery was to create the ultimate product - premium quality vodka from local produce. We focused on the archaic variety of wheat – spelt (dinkel wheat). The hard work of our family and cooperation with our business partner from the USA has resulted in a spectacular success. Our offer includes the highest quality vodka: V-one, a spirit distilled entirely from spelt.